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Disciplinarian of misbehaving adult females
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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
1:47 pm
Spanking in a mobile home in the parking lot of a club.
Well, went through a first time experience the other night, happily so, I might add.

I met a couple in a club in the area who were on vacation. When I introduced myself, naturally, I also gave my other nickname, "The BratSpanker," which brought a twinkle to the eye of the lady, and, a, "What was that?" from her husband. After telling him again, I saw them glance at each other quickly, and then the questions flowed. I thought, at first, that they were just asking out of curiosity, since they had heard of people like those of us in the spanking scene, but, had never really experienced anything like it. He, clearly, was not a Dom, but, did want to see his wife spanked, while his wife, who was not shy about wanting a spanking, agreed wholeheartedly with him. So, we arranged for her to be spanked.

Since they were concerned about others hearing if we were to go to a motel/hotel, and, since my landlord was in town, it looked like it might be an open air, under the blue skies of night, spanking. Then I learned of the mobile home.

At this point in time, then, I started talking in a more stern tone to the wife, Anita, and, let her know, in no uncertain terms that her nicely rounded, cute, small bottom would be very red and very sore by the time I was finished spanking.

I asked her husband if he understood this fact, and also if he wanted to witness the spanking. He agreed to both. Anita started squirming a bit, which is not unnatural for a woman who knows that she is going to be spanked, and, naturally, I thoroughly enjoyed the situation.

I learned that even though they could afford it, Anita had not paid a utility bill when it was due, even though she had the check/addressed envelop in hand. Well, in her car, in the visor. They received a shutoff notice, and, the husband paid the bill, but, not before realizing that she had not only not paid this utility bill, but, two others as well, since all three payments were still in the envelopes above her visor.

After about an hour of discussing this misbehaviour pattern, as well as some others, it was decided that she would be spanked according to my qualifications and it would be OTK, finishing up on her bare bottom.

I must admit that every time she got up and went to the bathroom, my eyes followed the roll of her bottom clad in a tight black dress, and I had to control my natural inclination to clench and unclench my spanking hand as she passed by. Knowing that she was going to get a lot of attention given to her bottom, Anita did make a bold gesture when she returned the last time, slightly bending foward as she sat down. Then, out came her tongue at me, as she sat down. As I chuckled at her bold action, I whispered in her ear, out of the earshot of her husband, "While I am spanking you over my lap, Little Lady, your tongue will most certainly not be sticking out while you cry, scream and yell." She looked down for an instant and then looked back at me, but, her mouth was closed. Scolding her, I told her that it was obvious to me that she has been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long a time, already, and that it was time for me to give her the spanking she needs so badly.

Her husband, having the same name as myself, Mike or, in my case, Michael, had no qualms at all about her being spanked in the parking lot of the club within the confines of the mobile home.

When we got into the mobile home, I immediately sat down on the sofa, and the husband sat towards the front of the mobile home where he would have a clear view of her bottom and legs.

Taking Anita by the hand, I guided her forcefully over my lap, and, when she hesitated for a split second, trying to brace herself with her other hand against my thigh, I immediately flicked it forward with my spanking hand, and pulled her quickly across my lap, secureing her in position with my strong arm, and vice like grip of my hand around her tiny waist. The husband chuckled at this action, and, I asked her if there was something she had to say. She replied with a somewhat meek, "No", to which I replied, "Good!" and proceeded to raise her skirt, uncovering her panty-clad nicely shape bottom.
Normally, I would have spanked her outergarment, but, both time and circumstances dictated that I spank her as efficiently as possible with as much length as I could. To do this, I was going to spank her on her panty-clad bottom as a good warmup and then lower her panties to spank her completely bare bottom for a good amount of time.

As my large hand rested on her small bottom cheeks, she came to the full realization that was in a position that she had never been before, as an adult at least. She started asking questions, such as, "Are you just going to use your hand, You are not going to spank hard, are you, and, can I leave my panties up?" All three were answered, and she made no comment, other than, "Ohhhhhhhhh!"

Then the spanking began. Unfortunately, the light was not the best, and, I enjoy watching the lady's bottom turn pink and red as I spank her, along with having a good view of her face, and, Anita was very pretty, as her face changes expressions. Oftentimes I use a mirror while spanking a woman so I can watch her facial expressions.

Anita, after about the 5th spank started to fight, struggle, kick and squirm, crying out with loud "Ouches, and owwwwwsssssss as my hand made firm contact to the bottom of this misbehaving woman. Spank after spank landed crisply on the tightly clenched, wiggling bottom of this tiny woman and she, to her credit, fought gallantly, but, to no avail. Once, I have a woman over my knees, she does not get up, until I have decided that the spanking is over.

I thought that, perhaps, her husband might try to prevent further spanking after it began and he saw how much she was fighting to try to avoid the spanking, but, he said nothing and, I learned afterwards, approved of the spanking 100%.

Her hand flew back, and I immediately captured it, held it under the arm that was holding her around the waist and used my forearm to clamp down, pinning her hand between my forearm and the small of her tiny back.

Lowering her black bikini, see-through panties, I came upon a small, tightly clenched bottom. Even in the dimly lit room, I could see that it was already a nice shade of pink and told her so. I told her that by the time I was done it would probably light up the room from the glowing red light I intended to produce. This brought out a slight laugh from her husband, but all Anita could do was to let out another, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" in resignation, I think. *chuckling*

Even though it was not under the best of circumstances, I was enjoying this immensely.

Then her lovely little bare bottom got what it fully deserved, a spanking that her 38 yr. old fully mature, womanly figure had never received before. Starting out slowly going from one cheek to the other, and, down the middle, I spanked her approximately 100 times. She once again started squealing, crying out, kicking and struggling, but, it was futile and after awhile her crys and kicking stopped as I heard the beginning of sobs. Though I was unable to scold her in the fashion that was really needed, due to time, she had mentally and emotionally been prepared through our chat in the club, and, I think that is where the sobs and, eventual tears got their basis. As I spanked her, I let her know that she would never be too old to be spanked, and, I recommended that her husband start spanking her on a regular basis unless she wanted him to contact me in the future. But, for now, she was in my hands, and under my control. I spanked her slowly and spanked her in staccato fashion, enjoying the reactions as she experienced different levels of pain and embarrassment. At the end, with her bottom a nice bright red, and her crying softly, I delivered 10 spanks to her saying,
SPANK! Young,
SPANK! Lady,
SPANK! are,
SPANK! very,
SPANK! well,
SPANK! spanked,

Letting her up, she immediately clutched her bottom kneeling before me, and watching her do so was fun, as well as seeing the tears that she wiped from her eyes as she choked back the cries. Her husband only observed in a quiet manner.

I then had her turn her back to me and observed the conditioin of her lovely bottom, red in color and very sore looking, I lightly carressed it feeling the heat rising off of it, using my non-spanking hand, since my spanking hand was probably probably as hot as her bottom, but, did not bother me one iota. *chuckling*

After a nice hug from her, a kiss on the cheek, and, a nice handshake from her husband, I left, with a good memory of a spanking that was justifiably well deserved.

Since they were leaving the next day, I was unable to see them again, but, did leave them my card, and told them to feel free to call me at any time.

Not the type of conditions under which I normally spank a woman, but, still enjoyable.

Till next time, take care, keep safe and you ladies, behave
yourselves or else............*chuckling with usual wicked grin*

Sincerely and Firmhandedly, with hairbrush in hand,

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
7:19 am
My 10 Stage Ritual of a good long hard spanking....
This is my version of a spanking that is given to a misbehaving lady when the offense is something that is extremely bad, Examples, but, not limited to, are; acting in a haughty/arrogant manner to driving while intoxicated, or otherwise acting in a manner that is detrimental to her health/well being, or that of others.

1. Caught in the act for which you need Discipline, be it, misbehaving in one or more ways. This might range, Little Miss Naughty Lady, from just being extremely sassy to being haughty and/arrogant, to lying to me. Speeding and running red lights while driving, are some of the driving offenses for which you will be spanked. I am a patient man, Young Lady, but, when you are caught misbehaving, and you will be, and you have tested my limits, then it is time for me to stop your foolish nonsense and time for you to be taken over my knees and soundly spanked. The kind of a spanking that you will not soon forget!
2. Scolding, which will start your lesson off, but will be constant throughout the many stages of your spanking, Young Lady. After having placed a st. backed chair in the middle of the room, and placing the many implements of discipline in your view, Young Lady, I will tip your chin up so that your eyes will be looking directly into my stern, piercing eyes, as I tell you just how badly you have behaved, what is required, and, what you might expect. The fact that you are a fully grown woman who has behaved much like a child will be emphasized throughout your spanking.
3. Waiting: Prior to the actual physical spanking, Miss Bad Girl, it is during this time that you will reflect upon your misbehavior patterns that have caused you to be in the predicament that you are. At this point, I will go to the st. backed chair, pick up the hairbrush, seat myself, and slowly begin tapping the hairbrush against the palm of my open hand. You will be allowed to ask me any questions that you might have, as I will be observing your discomfort at having to be in this situation. At this point, a Sense of Healthy Fear will begin to be instilled within you for me, as well as for the punishment that you are about to receive. As you squirm, gnaw on your lower lip, shift your weight from foot to foot, etc., all signs of your nervousness and anticipation, I will answer your questions in a calm stern nononsense tone of voice.
4. Placed Over My Knees: After, what I feel is a sufficient time for you to reflect upon your misbehavior, and, for any questions that you might have, Little Miss High and Mighty, I will take you by the hand, or by your ear, and, guide you over to the chair, and over my knees. For you to become defiant, and/or rebellious will only add to your discipline. There will be plenty of time for your struggling, cursing, and expressions of outrageous indignation while you are being held firmly across my lap and as I spank your lovely bottom until you cannot sit down comfortably.
5. Spanked to your Outer-garment: Obvious, but, important, none-the-less. Be it a skirt, dress, pants (sweat, jeans, slacks, etc.) your bottom will have the protection provided by them for a period of time to be decided by me. Although I normally use only my large, firm, paddle-like hand, Young Lady, I very well might have to put one of the other implements to good use with you, depending upon just what your offense is. I will decide this at the proper time..
6. The Panty-warming: At this time, your outer-garment will have been raised, or lowered, Naughty Lady, and, your panty covered full bottom will be exposed to both my eyes and will be quite vulnerable to the firm hand (at the minimum) that I am using on your shapely, under-spanked, derriere'. The scolding continues. By the time we have reached this stage, Naughty Lady, pink color will already have set in to your aristocratic bottom cheeks, and, redness will be the color of the future.
7. Bare Bottom Spanking: After suitable amount of time of having your panties warmed, and watching your lovely bottom squirm and struggle as your panties form a wedgie within the crease of your mature, but, very naughty bottom cheeks, Young Lady, the panties will be lowered to your mid thighs, and, the curves of your warm, reddening, stinging bottom will be exposed to me, as well as other intimate areas, as you well know. Oh, I know you will tighten and clench your lovely bottom, Little Miss High and Mighty, but, as the spanking progresses, you will lose all inhibitions concentrating more on avoiding the stinging, harsh spanks that are being delivered, justifiably, to your reddening backside. You will kick, struggle, perhaps curse at me (causing the spanking to last even longer), or try any other method to free yourself from the punishment that is so badly needed, but, I will not be deterred from seeing that you get exactly what you, justifiably, deserve. The scolding continues.
8. Waiting after the spanking: After I have spanked you, Missy, you will stand before me for a period of time, with your bottom exposed and you will be permitted to rub your stinging bottom during this period of time, Little Miss Smarting Bottom. You may ask me questions, once again, though you might not like the answers. Diamond-like tears that have streaked your lovely face may be wiped away, though they might start again sometime in the future and will not be permitted to be wiped away, at that time. Further Scolding will take place, as you need to be reminded verbally of the reasons I put you over my knees and gave you the hard spanking that you deserve for behaving like the naughty little girl that you are.
9. Cornertime: During this time, Young Lady, you will have your hands either behind head, or down at your side, standing tightly facing the corner like the naughty well spanked little girl that you are. Your beautiful sore red bottom will still be completely exposed, Little Miss High and Mighty, and you will not be permitted to ask me any questions, nor will you be allowed to rub your stinging red bottom any more. You will feel me standing behind you, at times, pulling your hair away from your ears so that I might whisper terms of endearment expressing just how lovely you look in this undignified, unsophisticated situation.
10. Forgiveness: At this time, Beautiful Brat of a Woman, you will confess to your misbehavior, and, I will forgive you. Holding you in my protective arms, your head resting on my broad shoulders, you will feel the same firm hand that spanked you to tears, reaching back and carressing your sore red bottom, covering the stinging sensation, but, not soothing it, tracing the warmth that I feel in my fingertips, as I ask you about your misbehavior and you will correctly answer the questions. I will once again sit down on the st. backed chair, the same one used as you underwent your spanking, and you will rest your sore, stinging red bottom on my lap, the same lap over which you were turned so that I might give you the spanking you needed. I will tell you that I understand just how that naughty little girl within you wants to express herself, and that you are forgiven, but, that you will be spanked, again, in the future, when you allow that naughty little girl within you to rule your actions, thus misbehavior takes place. After I am fully convinced that you are sorry for your misbehavior, then, and, only then, will I apply the soothing hand lotion to your bottom, not to take the sting away, so much, rather to keep your lovely skin from becoming chaffed and calloused

Sorry that I do not have any pics to illlustrate these 10 stages, but, I think that you get the picture. *chuckling with wicked grin*


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Sunday, February 12th, 2006
9:00 am
Chase's introduction to The BratSpanker
I Went into a club to sell dancer outfits on Friday night. This is the club that first allowed me to start selling outfits, and the majority of the dancers and employees also know me as The BratSpanker. There was a new dancer, though, who was unfamiliar with me, and, so when I sat down she immediately came over to me and started talking. When I introduced myself as Michael, but, am also known as The BratSpanker, a big grin spread over her face and she told me that she liked to be spanked. She then turned around bent over and asked me to spank her bottom which was covered by tight booty shorts. A lovely pic, but, not appropriate at the time, since I really don't think management would prefer me to spank their dancers in front of the other customers. I declined, but, we had a good discussion on her past spanking experiences, and the fact that she is a 5' 9" lady who tends to misbehave too often and get away with it. I told her that that she be put to a stop and she agreed. I gave her my card and she told me she would be calling me sometime this week. LOL. That is right up there with a dancer leaving and saying, "Ill be right back," though I must say that some do call, thank goodness.

During our conversation I learned a lot about her and her preferences as far as implements are used and that she wished someone would spank her hard enough to make her cry. Well, heh..heh...she ran into the right person now. With the scolding and the discipline, I intend to have her in tears before I am done.

With nervous flippancy, she kept giggleing, until I let her know that before I spank her she will have a SOHF (Sense of Healthy Fear) for me and my ability to discipline her. As our conversation progressed, it was taking place and the giggleing slowed down as she really became more aware of the seriousness involved with her misbehavior patterns and what must be done. By the time she went up to dance, her attitude was changing quite a bit.

Before leaving to dance, though, I had her sit on bar stool beside me with her bottom cheeks hanging over the edge. In this position she was vulnerable to being spanked without others seeing it happen, except for her sudden forward movements fromt he waist up and the lovely expression on her face. Delivering two smacks, I then told her that I wanted her to go onstage with a red bottom. I delivered 3 more spanks, the third one bringing a nice "Ouch" from her mouth. She then hugged me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and, I whispered in her ear, "That is just a small sample of what you are going to be getting, Young Lady!", to which she said, "Thank you."

Getting up from the stool, I could not see any redness on her shapely bottom, and as she pranced around before going on stage, she let others know that she had been spanked. Much to my surprise, except for one dancer with whom I am friends, noone else said anything to me about the situation. She kept looking at her bottom and rubbing it a bit, and others looked too and some chuckled, while others looked over at me.

We shall see what this week brings, hopefully, a few well spanked bottoms from yours truly.

All take care and keep safe, and you ladies behave yourselves, or risk the consequences, naturally. *chuckling with wicked grin*

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
7:13 pm
My business card to dancers, heh, heh.......
Front of Card (Very small print)

Hello Young Lady. My name is Michael, aka THE BRATSPANKER and Santas Spanker, a patient, understanding, quiet and confident male. I am a Disciplinarian of misbehaving adult females who are intelligent, attractive, arrogant, haughty, or having a Diva-like attitude. The misbehaving woman also, at times, acts like a spoiled brat of a naughty girl needing firm handed attention. Oftentimes, a woman like this secretly desires a masterful man capable of scolding her, while putting her over his knees to give her a good long, hard bare bottom spanking. You appear to be just such a woman! If so, smile and turn this card over. If not, return this card because there is a young lady in here who is looking to meet me so I will give her a good spanking.

Back of Card
1/2 of card is a picture of me holding me hairbrush in hand, with my phone number and email address superimposed on it.

On the right side of the card is this text:
My hairbrush has two sides, Young Lady, the bristle side for your silken hair, and the flat side for your round "seat of learning". You obviously, need?want to be taken over my knees.

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
11:03 am
Back in business.........
Well, I have not done it for years, but, as of yesterday, I am back in the business of selling outfits to dancers. Through the years I have had to spank many dancers, and, after meeting the owner of one of three different clubs in the area, I have a feeling that many of the dancers that work for her are going to find themselves over my knees. After discussing business concerning the outfits for her dancers, I also let her know that in many circles my nickname is "The BratSpanker". When she, naturally, asked me how I came to acquire that name, I explained to her that through the years I have found that many misbehaving ladies.........at which point she interjected, "Need to be taken over your knees and get their asses spanked!", to which I said, Definitely! She admitted that they all need to be spanked form time to time, to which I fully agreed. The subject was dropped at that point, but, there is no doubt in my mind that some of the ladies probably will be introduced to me for disciplinary purposes. I am sooooooooo looking forward to this happening as you might imagine.

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Thursday, January 26th, 2006
7:33 am
Meeting a misbehaving female driver......
Last night, I had the fortunate meeting with a 23 yr. old dark haired young lady who admitted to me that she was not exactly the best driver on the highway.

First of all, after meeting her in a club, I asked her if she was behaving herself, the icebreaker that I use when first meeting a woman, and she said that she was bad. Naturally, I picked up from there, and learned that my reputation had preceded me. *chuckling* It turns out that she had learned, previously, of my nicknames (The BratSpanker and Santas Spanker)and therefore was ready, but only to a slight degree, for a meeting with me. After letting her know that what she needs is to undergo my 10 Stage Ritual of a good long hard old fashioned spanking, she wanted each stage explained to her, which I did. Seeing that her interest was growing more intense, I quizzed her concerning her driving habits, and found out that she had lost her license twice before, due to points.

I asked her how her habits are today and she explained that she still was guilty of many of the offenses for which I feel she should be spanked, but, has not been caught by the police. She has no points on her license at this time, but, we are going to go on a test drive next week and I am going to be taking notes. She has already admitted to some of the following spankable offenses, i.e., speeding, not using turn signal when changing lanes, brushing hair while driving, applying makeup while driving, tailgating, "flipping off" other drivers, to name just a few.

She knows, now, that she is going to be spanked very hard and for a long time, resulting in a very sore and red bottom. Up til now she has never been spanked, but has been wanting a spanking for about 6 yrs. She admits to being very nervous and afraid, which I explained to her was only natural and was to be expected with each spanking she will receive, and, she readily admitted that we will probably need to be meeting quite a few times. She also knows that she will be scolded throughout the spanking, and, will be receiving cornertime after the spanking. This "Sense of Healthy Fear" as I refer to it, is a mental state that makes the woman appreciate both the spanking and the spanker.

I told her that she will, more than likely, be crying during and after the spanking. She asked me if I always made the woman cry when I spanked them, and, I explained that, as in her case, only when it is really necessary. In her case, discipline and firm guidance is a definite necessity and I intend to start her on the right path to better behavior patterns. At one point she flippantly suggested that if I spanked her and curbed her misbehavior behind the wheel then I would not have any other reason to spank her, to which I emphatically told her that she will give me more than enough reasons in the future, doing so quite naturally. I also told her that she probably would test me on a regular basis, to which she meekly agreed, squirming in her seat while doing so.

This attractive, dark haired, standing 5' 8" tall knows, already, that her protests will fall on deaf ears once I have decided that she is going to be spanked. I am soooooooo looking forward to having this brat of a child/woman stretched out face down across my lap while I give her her initial spanking, a spanking that she will both cherish and appreciate afterwards. Her bottom is quite small and fits very nicely into my large firm hand as I noted when I gave her a series of smacks, which brought both a look of surprise and and joy to her pretty face.

The coup de grace'? She is willing to participate in videos after the initial spanking, though I hope to have someone there to take pics of her being spanked for her first time. So, with time and luck, you people just might see this naughty lady being spanked at some time in the future.

All take care and keep safe and, of course, you ladies behave yourselves, or else..........*chuckling with usual wicked grin*


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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
7:12 am
My Quest.....
Recently, I have been recruiting misbehaving ladies for spankings by handing out a card, much like a business card. I will be putting a sample of this on here shortly. I have been called by two ladies so far and expect to get even better results as time goes by. LOL. I wish I had thought of this years ago. I also am seriously considering doing videos, as soon as I can learn about any and all legal issues involved. I am going to start posting some of my spanking experiences here as time allows. At this time, though, there are no pics of spankings that I have given, but, hopefully, that will change.

All take care, and keep safe and you young ladies behave yourselves, or else.........*chuckling with wicked grin*

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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
4:51 pm
The misbehaving adult females need for discipline..............
Hello, My name is Michael, a 63 SWM, disciplinarian of misbehaving adult females. My nickname refers to the fact that I am the one designated to spank those ladies who are on Santa's Naughty Girl List *chuckling with wicked grin*.
And, you know that there are many of you out there.

Some of you act as if you are much younger than you really are, behaving in a girlish, disobedient nature, generally acting like a spoiled brat, knowing full well that you are getting away with far more than you should. Some quality time spent face down across my lap, will do wonders for your behavior patterns, Young Lady, and curb your misbehavior to a great extent.

Others of you, the professional, executive types, perhaps, appear to many to be haughty, arrogant, or otherwise acting in a "high and mighty" manner, always in control, intimidating and acting superior to others. Secretly, you long for a masterful man, such as I, capable of telling you "No!", and meaning it, to step into your life and display the boldness and audacity to, at the minimum, with determination and resolve place you over my knees and deliver the long overdue discipline that is so badly needed.

And, there are you good girls too, who have a naughty streak within you, who need a firm hand for guidance. Consultation along with a spanking usually is good enough for you, but, sometimes it is necessary to be a bit more forceful.

For all of you, spanking your outergarment, then, raising or lowering your outergarment to warm your panties, and, finally, to completely bare your mature womanly bottom and proceed to teach you a long overdue, much needed lesson is why I am here. What you need/want/desire I have to offer.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, I do travel from time to time and have had to discipline misbehaving ladies of other men before.

Enjoy this journal, and to all of you, I say, take care, keep safe and behave yourselves, Young Ladies, or else..............*chuckling with wicked grin*
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